Tuesday, March 18, 2008

State Sponsored Weirdnesses

The defense department is I think the largest funder of Parapsychological and fringe experimentation in the world. while on one hand ridiculing people who make claims of such stuff our dominant culture on the other hand is shelling out big bucks to explore what we are all taught to deride and scoff at. Now I am fully aware that this material must be taken with a pond of salt, but as they say where there's smoke there's fire. some of this like the ABC news piece is quite legitamate however.These vids are kind of long but they are so full of tasty strangitudes you may want to go get some popcorn and dig in!

Case in point "remote viewing":

mind control (this ones from 1979 and the information that abc got for this is from congressional testimony):

Or how about anti-gravity?:

Telekinetic animal sacrifice?:

Who knew the new millenium would have nutty roasted goodness!

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