Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Corporation Haunted World

Here's the gist o the idea. Corporations are demons. Much like the idea that the halls of hell are carved by the living, the overlords of hell are birthed here on earth as well.

Back in the late 1800's after the civil war, the robber barons; J.D.Rockefeller:standard oil, J.P.Morgan (Morgan's dogs were named Beelzebub and Apollyon, I guess America's largest banker in the 1800's was familiar enough with demonology to name his dogs after them),Big Jim Fisk etc, figured out that if their empires could be declared separate people than themselves they could be rendered unacountable, but still receive all the profits and benefits of owning the other fictitious individual. Ironically enough these robber barons used the laws granting equal rigts to former slaves as the trojan horse into our political structures.
They paid a clerk at the supreme court to slip wording into the header of the 14th amendment allowing corporations all the same rights as "natural" persons. They had their companys declareed "incorporated" i.e embodied, brought into legal existance and given the same rights as an real person. The underpinnings of out corporate rule are some what shakey, but they have been up held for the last century by numerous court rulings that reference that heading. This is the system we have beendealing with for the last 100 years and are going to be dealing with for the next 100 years.

There is a curious phenomieneon in occultism that kind of spills over into psychology. In tibet there are false spirits called Tulpas, actally they aren't so much false spirits as artificial spirtis. Different traditions call the same expirience by different names the world over. In the east they are tulpas and in the west they are Egregores. these names describe a kind force that seems to have personality and volitin but is constructed by a group subconscious or the exceptionally potent willpower of a single individual.

The most famous egregore is the case of Philip in canada. A group of para psychologists go together and decided to create a spirit. they all agereed on the characteristics of their ghost philip. after they all woked on backgrounds for philip and drew pictures of philip for months they decided to have a seance to contact philip. During the seance thay got all of th e same effects that you get during a "legitimate " seance, including the physical occurrances i.e tabble rapping floating etc.

Corporations are accidental Egregores. not intened to have an actual life of their own, they have grown thier own lives through the actions of the thousands of individuals that make up the incorporaton and enforce it's "corporate culture"

Now they sit astride the earth invisible titans all id with no superego ravenous for profit and resources. devoureing the ecosphere and evcreteing abstract digits for the markets to number-crunch. No one is truly in charge of these fictitious
behemouths and no one is able to halt their programs. they are chewing up our rights and freedoms and shitting out crwod controll and datamining schemes.

The sigils that were used to bind demons in the middle ages have morphed into logos like the golden arches and mickey's sillouhette. but now instead of binding the demons to our human will, the logos burn the demons image into our soft jelly brains.

The largest of these corporate leviathans are the defence industries. the very same ones that are at the forefront of robotics and artificial intelligence developement.

Are our corporate offspring our hungry cobbled together ghosts busily building their own bodies? forging their own super brains? What kind of world will they bring forth? What kind of human hell? What kind of machine paradise?

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