Friday, December 7, 2007

Occult Psychology

The history of majickal practice in western ritual occultism is in actuality not concerned with the conjuration and control of external demons. It is instead about the control of the inner demons living in the head of the adept himself. Long before the discovery of the subconscious mind, western magicians have been plumbing the depths of their own souls and like cave explorers, discovering the ancient paintings inscribed on the walls of their own skulls. Through the manipulation of mind set and phyical setting, ritualised behaviors, and often the use of psychotropic drugs, the adept externalises his own internal shibboleths and calls them into service.
outside of the reletively new (i.e. da vinci code) interpretations of the quest for the holy grail being the blood line of christ, a more traditional esoteric idea of the grail quest is right in line with these specualtions. This idea is that the grail quest is a western path towards spiritual enlightenment, and that the grail is inactuality the purified form of one's own soul. Heaven not granted but hard earned.
These practices engender Ribauds "temporary derangement of the senses" and in these states the sorcerer can grapple with the forces of their own demons. These demons of course are the self same ones that are supposed to be the sole property of the worlds major religions. They are the levers of emotional control, hence the prohibition all major religions have on "sorcery". As wel as the strictures that the majors place on what is and isnt proper sexual activities,as deep a shaft into the subconscious as there ever was. They dont want us poaching our own souls. It is supposed to be their exclusive right to hunt our spirits.

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Greetings and Salutations

Hello my fellow hidden heads! This will be a blog to contain my ramblings and rants. Hopefully I can coerce and cajole some of my friends into posting their ramblings and researches into the hidden structures of our own heads and to reveal societies hidden heads and head spaces as well.