Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Full Mechanical Jacket

This is a quick post to note the rush to a mechanical fascism that may well be in our collective futures. Check out this article HERE about the military's use and planned expansion of terminator style robot warriors. Keep in mind that the terminators were produced in the movies only as the elite of the robot army. The vast majority of the robot soldiers were more tank like and vehicular.

Ground based robotic soldiers are of course the johnny-come-latelys of the robot army. We have been deploying flying robots with varying degrees of "autonomy" for years now in Iraq. HERE'S the wikipedia article on what the military calls UAV's. Apparently these remote piloted cockpitless fighter jets have already started killing enemy combatants there.
As of right now these things are more like giant deadly remote controlled toys, and the extent of their autonomy is relegated to flight stabilization, target aquisition, and the like, but the pentagon's stated goal is to eventually create completely human free, killing drones. All they are waiting for is the necessary level of artificial intelligence to be developed. They are not simply leaving this stuff to others of course. As usual they are in the forefront of this sort of research.

This is a nifty little (20 min) video I found pulling together all this stuff I've been going on about. The creators of this video claim to have put this together using only media culled from DARPA itself.

And if you think that the government will shrink from using these monsters in domestic demonstrations all they have to do is out fit them with these instead of guns.

Yeay! Rayguns finally! These effects are produced using only the lowest capacities of the weapon too! You can't have metal in your pockets like coins or keys, when this thing is trained at you, or they heat up and burn you, and as I said this is only at the lowest settings. This thing is the reason you don't put your pet gerbil in the micro wave.

Keep in mind this is only the stuff the pentagon is willing to release to the public, who knows what they have under their black tarps these days! It took 20 years for the public to find out that we had stealth planes that were invisible to radar and looked cooler that anything Batman ever had.


here's a video forwarded to me by my good friend zenzibar it is by far the creepiest of the lot! Since I have posted this the video has been taken off the internet twice and that was just since this morning!
another great project brought to you by the ghouls at DARPA!

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